Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I saw my Grandfather and relatives

After a hard honest day at work Saturday, I was very tired. I went to sleep getting prepared for my early morning shift I had a dream. A person in the dream said someone I knew very well wanted to see me. He led me to a lake where there was an old tall red skinned stout man in overalls and a big straw hat. When he turned around it was my Grandfather Thomas "punch" Moon. I was in shock when I saw him and so excited that I started to cry. He embraced me and asked me how life has been treating me. He look extremely healthy. My nickname name was "Boojack", he gave me that name as a child. He said Boojack I see you are researching our family, but you can stop now because all of them including me is waiting on you!  I asked, where are they Pop? When he pointed behind him, all of them appeared from a distance, not some but all of them. Moon and Jackson side. He then looked at me and said come follow me. I took five steps and walked the opposite way because I was afraid I would not return.lol. Very interesting dream.

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